Espace candidat : Détails de l'offre n° E018649

Entraineur / coach équitation H/F

L'essentiel :

  • Lieu de travail : Département 00 Chine - Suzhou
  • Type de contrat : CDI - Temps plein -
  • Salaire : €2700-€3200
  • Début de contrat : Dès que possible
  • Secteur d'activité : Sport / Loisir
  • Nombre de postes : 1
  • Logement : Oui
  • Annonce publiée le 11/10/2018
  • Annonce mise à jour le 12/10/2018

L'entreprise :

Poste et missions :

  • Who Are We?

    Equestrian Club was found in 2013 and was identified by Suzhou Sports Office as the first official equestrian training agency of Suzhou.
     In 2014, we became the partner of SFLS for the special course - equestrian lesson;
     In 2016, we became the member of FFE;
     In 2017, we was authorized by FFE to be qualified for GALOP system equestrian training and for holding GALOP exam;  In 2018, we became the equestrian training base of Jiangsu modern pentathlon team. Since our establishment, we has successfully held more than 50 competitions and activities, including equestrian-themed summer&winner training, team development activities, theme birthday parties, commercial performances and so on.

    We are PROFESSIONAL, We are ENERGETIC, We are committed to the popularization and development of equestrian sports in China.
    Your key responsibilities will include:
     Train horses regularly as planned;
     Train Chinese coaches regularly;
     Guide and participate in the stable management;
     Help to improve the club’s entire management level;
     Assist in arena maintenance and arena management to improve riding safety;
     Complete the training and examinations for members and Chinese coaches according to GALOP teaching system;
     Provide the pedagogical introduction at competition level;

    To be responsible for communicating with FFE;

     Organize and coordinate the equestrian competition events;
     Cooperate with the club's activities and publicity.

    To be successful in this role you have:

     At least 5 years’ experience in GALOP teaching system;
     Hold a French coach certificate of equestrian;
     Be good at written English and spoken English;
     Have certain experience in equestrian competition events;
     Have passion in equestrian sports and have a sense of responsibility and the mission of promoting equestrian;
     Willing to teach as a professional equestrian coach in China for a long time;
     Have a good emotion control ability and great team spirit;
     The one with the experience in club operation management or overseas working experiences has the priority to get the job.

    What welfare we offer:

     Paid vacation;
     Two- day weekend;
     Reimbursement.

Profil :

  • Expérience : 1 - 3 ans

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